Our Mission Is To Use Education, Conversation and Inspiration to Encourage Communities to Grow Their Capacity to Accept and Celebrate Difference Both Locally and within the Global Community (Society) in Which We Live

Difference can separate us but it can also be a glue that helps communities thrive. We're committed to helping people value and celebrate difference.
We're all different. Brown eyes, blue eyes. Rich, poor. Tall, short. Thin, not quite so. The truth is, we've all felt different at one time or another. We've felt different in a way that left us on the outside looking in. But difference doesn't have to separate us.
Our goal is simple. We want communities to learn to see difference as an opportunity to learn from and grow with our neighbors - to value and celebrate difference.

Who We Are

Strengthening Communities through the Celebration of Difference

Strong, supportive communities have always been a critical part of the American success story. Our communities educate us, guide us, provide for us, love us and, when we make the entrepreneurial leap, patronize us. Unfortunately, too many people in our neighborhoods are challenged to find their communities truly welcoming. We have to look at difference from another perspective. The Beacon Initiative is here to encourage that change.